Policies & Procedures

  • School Uniform Policy
    • Franklin tee shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased in the office.
    • Franklin uniform colors are; navy blue, green, khaki, black, white and gray.
    • A uniform will be required for all students attending Franklin Elementary School. Students may wear past Franklin uniform shirts.
    • Tee shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts with the Franklin Logo and polo shirts or sweatshirts in a solid Franklin color are acceptable. A long sleeve tee shirt may be worn under a Franklin tee shirt providing it is a solid white or Franklin colored shirt.
    • Solid black, navy blue, hunter green, or khaki pants, sweatpants, knee-length shorts, or knee length skirts may be worn. This may include clean, appropriately fitting, not baggy or sagging jeans.
    • If a student comes to school out of uniform we will lend them a Franklin shirt for the day. If the student’s pants, shorts, or skirt are out of compliance the student will be sent to the office. If appropriate clothing is available the student will borrow an item for the day. If the school cannot provide appropriate clothing the student will need to call home and have proper clothing brought to the school.




  • Title IX Policy

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